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On the Pro Hunting Stage: Dana White of Fatal Impact Outdoors.

Producer and Host of the highly rated Television Series Fatal Impact Outdoors on WildTV.  Based out of Alberta Canada, Fatal Impact has continued to pave the way for the younger generations within the Hunting and Outdoor Industry.  Heading into our 6th Season on Air, Fatal Impact continues to focus on Self-Guided, Do-it-yourself style hunts on Public land throughout our great province.  We have quickly become known for the Giant archery Mule Deer we chase each year and a unique style of public land whitetail hunting that has proved wildly successful.  I look forward to meeting and interacting with all the new people at the upcoming BC Sportsman's Show, and can't wait to share some of our greatest moments from this past season.

Stay tuned for more details and more seminar speakers!

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Seminar speaker: William Holmes

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Willie Holmes has been fishing for over 30 years. For the past 22 years, he has owned and managed Moorbrook Lodge Angling park, spending 15 of those years as a guide and instructor. He holds G.A.I.A., APGAI advanced qualifications in both single and double handed casting/fishing techniques and is also a qualified mentor and Assessor holding the L20 award.

His other qualifications include the Fly Fishers International CI, MCI and THCI and  Level 3 Examiner with the FFI. He is an EDP Faculty member and has delivered workshops in Ireland, England, Denmark, Poland, Italy and the USA. Willie is also a member of Loop Tackles Pro Instruction team and is a pro-staff member with Ballistic Speylines.

He brings experience from around the globe and his love for game fish is very evident - whether he's fishing some of his favourites like Steelhead and Salmon here in BC, or Atlantic Salmon back in Ireland. With his experience around Stillwater management, he is equally at home in BC’s interior fishing for Trophy trout. Don't miss Willie at this year's show!


Johnny McDowell - The Hunting Guru

"Hunting has changed and we have to change with it. With fifty years of experience, I have learned to successfully adapt. SUCCESS is the key word here," says Johnny. "So come out to the seminars and learn some of the techniques I use. I look forward to meeting you at the show!"

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Julian Reedel

Julian Reedel is owner and pro guide of JR’s Guiding Co Inc. he’s been fishing his whole life and tying flies for over 20 years. He specializes in river flies but ties and fishes everything. Come join him on the tying stage to have all your fly tying questions answered as well as learn some new tips and tricks!

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Travis O'Shea

Travis is a World champion elk caller and the owner of Wapiti River outdoors.

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Seminar Schedule

Stay tuned for the schedules for our Fishing, Hunting, and Fly Casting stages!

Fly Fishing Film Tour

The original and preeminent exhibition of fly fishing cinema, The F3T is a one of a kind experience. Each year fishy folk of all ages gather in big cities and small towns alike to soak up films from around the world, spin a few yarns amongst friends and dream about casts yet unmade. In our 12th annual lap around the globe, the 2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour will make its way to theaters in more than 175 cities in eight countries.


New Products

A variety of new and innovative products will be at the show. Stay tuned for sneak peeks!

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